Al-Zaytoonah University of Science and Technology is a private Palestinian university founded by a promising pioneering idea of a Palestinian academic who headed two universities for more than twelve years. This long academic experience enabled a deep understanding of the reality of higher education and its institutions and generated a subjective feeling among the founder of the importance of having a private university that transcends most of the historical educational problems suffered by higher education institutions, and fills the shortcoming in some sensitive aspects of Palestinian higher education. Proceeding from this background, which the Academy brought together from its educational and administrative sides, the idea was presented to some investors, and in 2014 a group of entrepreneurs responded to it. They began translating it into practice by registering the idea with the Palestinian Ministry of Economy as a company aiming to establish a private university. After completing the registration procedures, the follow-up procedures for obtaining the initial license for the university from the official authorities (Higher Education and the Council of the Ministry) continued, where the relevant papers were submitted.

وقد شهد العام 11/12/2015 تدشين حجر أساس الجامعة بحضور دولة رئيس الوزراء د. رامي الحمد الله، على أرضٍ مساحتها الحالية 144 دونماً، والتي جرى اختيارها لأبعاد وطنية، ومجتمعية، وتنموية، في منطقة تقع بين سلفيت واللبن الشرقية، على مفترق ثلاث محافظات (جنوب نابلس، شمال رام الله، وشرق سلفيت)؛ لتضع حدّاً للتوسع الاستيطاني القريب. ثُمّ بدأت جامعة الزيتونة للعلوم والتكنولوجيا مسيرتها من خلال إعلان انطلاق فصلها الأكاديمي الأول من العام الدراسي 2020 -2021.

President Message

Dear Students, Dear Parents,

I welcome you to Al-Zaytoonah University of Science and Technology, which was recently launched to be a distinguished scientific edifice and an active partner in the national higher education process, by providing quality educational opportunities for our students with high quality, in addition to promoting and supporting scientific research.


Board of Directors

Directore Picture
Mr. Musa Al-Jubeh

Chairman of Board of Directors

Directore Picture
Eng. Ayman Bani Fadel

Deputy Chairman of the Board

Directore Picture
Dr. Daoud Zatari

Member of the Board of Directors

Directore Picture
Mr. Nabil Abu Sneineh

Member of the Board of Directors

Directore Picture
Mr. Zidan Al-Jubeh

Member of the Board of Directors

Directore Picture
Eng. Fouad Al-Amla

Member of the Board of Directors

Directore Picture
Dr. Walid Zaloum

Member of the Board of Directors

Directore Picture
Mr. Mohsen Zaloum

Member of the Board of Directors

Directore Picture
Ms. Khitam Abu Aita

Member of the Board of Directors

Directore Picture
Mr. Kamal Khalil

Member of the Board of Directors

Our Values

Sincerity and integrity

Justice, transparency and accountability

Academic Freedom

Teamwork in a team spirit

Respect for cultural diversity

Leadership and innovation

National belonging

Our Advantages

Stratigic Goals

Our Social Responsibility

Al-Zaytoonah University of Science and Technology believes that what connects it with its external environment is a relationship of social, national and ethical responsibility, given that the local community is the most important incubator and the first recipient of the university’s message of knowledge. The university has prioritized the creative response to the needs of society, mutual interaction with it in all areas of convergence, and providing it with intellectual and cultural knowledge that would qualitatively contribute to achieving sustainable social development.

Based on this perception, the university is keen to strengthen its relations with all segments of society, individuals and institutions, launch voluntary initiatives aimed at raising awareness, organize workshops that address the aspirations and needs of society, alignment with marginalized groups most in need of support and advocacy, and building bridges of trust with personalities and institutions Active actors to promote joint work in community service, take advantage of all available possibilities, open up to everyone's experiences, and harness the university's research and scientific capabilities in this direction.

On the other hand, Al-Zaytoonah University of Science and Technology adopts environmentally friendly administrative systems, and strives to transform commitment towards the environment into a culture of work and behavior, whether on campus, or through university practices and public policies.

Al-Zaytoonah University of Science and Technology is keen to provide an ideal learning environment for its students that contributes to unleashing their intellectual faculties and abilities, enhances their confidence and life skills, in an atmosphere that inspires creativity and knowledge, stimulates self-learning, embraces the spirit of leadership, innovation and knowledge curiosity, in addition to devoting a culture of passion for searching for facts. Knowledge is one of the scientific aspects that the university provides.
On the other hand, the university fosters a set of values ​​that increase the richness of its environment, including ensuring freedom of opinion and expression, protecting intellectual diversity, the spirit of pluralism, and critical thinking. In this environment, the university provides enough opportunities and experiences to embrace creativity and outstanding success stories that appear in the ranks of its student community, and provides them with sufficient support to reach their desired goals, especially as we live in a knowledge economy, where the innovative idea and the qualitative initiative have become decisive factors in reshaping the economic landscape. The political and social, in light of globalization that crosses borders and barriers across the world.

It currently includes a general practitioner and a nurse, as the nucleus of a medical center, which will include a dental clinic, a pharmacy, and emergency services. The clinic will be open from eight in the morning until four in the evening, with working hours extending to evening periods at a later time, especially when the university dormitory is operating.

During the establishment and construction process of the campus, the team of engineers took into account the provision of smart technology requirements in the infrastructure of the various university systems, such as the lighting system, monitoring and guarding, the entrance and exit system for the campus, communication systems between students, the registration department, the library and faculty members, and parking systems, attendance and absence, screen displays, smart student card, and many other measures that would make the educational and research process more dynamic and effective, and to create an environment that empowers students’ abilities and behaviors and encourages them to interact and learn in a framework that makes them participants and responsible in developing and raising the level of the educational process , to possess the skills required to live in a knowledgeable and intelligent society.

As part of its efforts to provide the necessary facilities to facilitate university life for students, and to overcome obstacles in front of them, the University Services Department contracted with the owner of buildings in the city of Salfit, designed for university dormitory, and booked dozens of apartments. Accordingly, the student will be able, through coordination with the Services Department, to reserve his appropriate housing, noting that the university has also contracted with a land owner adjacent to the university’s land to build model housing for students, provided that they will be under the university’s administration in the near future

Transportation to and from the university
The university provided small buses that move every half hour from the university to the city of Salfit and vice versa. Also, there will be special buses - and in coordination with the Ministry of Transportation - that will move at specific times from the cities of Ramallah and Nablus to the city of Salfit.

Al-Zaytoonah University of Science and Technology adopts the idea of simultaneous training during the study, so that the student can combine theoretical knowledge with practical practice in training sites related to his field of study, through networking with public and private sector institutions and related institutions; To provide appropriate training opportunities that are most compatible with the student’s academic path, so that he is ready and qualified to engage in the labor market upon the conclusion of his university studies, which enhances the student’s competitiveness and overcomes the challenges he faces in obtaining a decent job opportunity.

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